Here are two kinds of a lady. Lady A; who would ask nothing from you concerning her finance or upkeep though unstable. Who you will find hard to reckon with just to ask anything. Who would tell you everything is all right. I have plenty to make do with, settle yourself and trust me I will be just fine.

And the other lady B; who would say nothing to you but her expression speaks of everything. The one who would look you straight in the face and tell you I will be fine but waiting for you to ask how she would. The one who will get hurt quite easily if you do not perform the work expected of you. Not that she needed it but it’s demanded of her to request of your competency.

Two kinds of lady operating in this one sphere of life. Think deeply you reader if you are a male. Which would you go for and which would you want to spend everything for? For the female reader; which would you love to become? Which would you have gone for and spend the rest of your life with if you were the opposite gender?

The uncommon application of common sense is what’s demanded here. Curiosity begins with you and I. But if you dare find that lady which completes you; NEVER LET HER GO. DO ANYTHING.

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