My world and my all in all
You are second to none
The only entrance through my heart
The one who makes me laugh and smile
I saw him as I looked down memory lane
My thoughts taking me back in time exactly twenty years ago
When we were still youths: young, agile and strong.

As I reminisced on this fateful day of his death, mourning at this great loss.
I remembered when he came back from war
Battered and wounded and tired
I recall seeing him at the airport
Running towards me with so much enthusiasm and gusto
Caring less about his healing injuries or people on his way
I saw him coming to me from afar off.

No doubt so happy to see me
His eyes readily conveying his emotions
Eyes brightly lit as a star
He’s been so long at war he’s been gone for five years and we missed each other sorely and passionately
Having no means of communication
Now here he is alive and strong persevering and hoping to see me again
My heart pounded as he came.

Pounding rhythmically to the echo of his footsteps
With tears of joy pouring down my face and I doing the same also
Ran into the warm embrace of my beloved
He was my support and rock through and through
My faithful partner through thick and thin
We kissed, hugged and danced for joy at being reunited again
Savoring each and every beautiful and breathtaking moment.

Our love goes beyond all measure
My man, my friend, my joy, my love
The one who Soothes me when I ache
Loving me in spite of all odds
A thousand waters cannot quench this love I have for you
For you will always be much treasured in my heart
Forever you’ll remain deep with my heart.

Even as I go through life’s difficult terrain without you
Even the cold arms of death cannot remove my love for you
I’m yours and you’re mine
Adieu till we meet again.

Written by Ojo Peace



May 28, 2017


May 28, 2017