Sitting down outside my matchbox
house, watching cars and motorcycles speed left and right have been my weekend
routine since I began my internship.

Much is left to be desired as I
stick to the same haughty thing, but this time listening to olamide’s song
title Konkobility which was coming from another house, occupied by some
perpetual drunkards who spend their days drinking and smoking weed.
I became lost in my reflections,
the ones I got by working in the manufacturing industry. I couldn’t help but
dig further in my somber thoughts, thoughts of how people have been coping for
as much years as I don’t know.

Karl Marx’s explanation of the
Class Conflict became my everyday drama, filled with so much theatrics.
Watching how hard people work for a meager pay, and listening to endless
complaints about the recession stricken economy were more like my religious
duties which is observed daily.

Their plight has affected me,
making me think in diverse ways and sometimes my subconscious transcends to
heights I do not know but of course find myself somewhere making tough
decisions ahead of the unknown. I wake up every day, go to work to see their
faces ever beaming with smiles riddled with yearnings.
The bachelors longing to marry and
the spinsters likewise.  Seeing the
outside world for what it really is, is frightening and sends chills down my
The feeling of uncertainty hovered
over every concerned being, perhaps different for those who believe in certain
dogmas. Sending résumés, submitting internship letters are the nightmares of
anyone who seeks a stronghold in this hire to fire world.
I’ve learnt a lot and am still
learning, trying to catch up with developments but definitely I won’t go back
to school the same.
I’m reformed and now I can see
life for what it really is, wouldn’t it be a new beginning?
written by Olayiwola Afolabi

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January 5, 2017


January 5, 2017