How do you see yourself in life? It takes you alone to decide what you want to see. Individuals are the direct object of what they see but how far or near do you see? how small or big do you see? In life, the most successful people are the best seers. The rate of how people become poor is a triple proportion to the rate of how people become rich; this is all due to what each and everyone sees.

To make a big business, you do not require a big money to start; all you need is that big idea. No matter how financially poor someone maybe, if the person still sees ahead of him something bigger, it’s definitely going to become big. These generations of people have actually seen less than more that is required, that is why they couldn’t see the riches of God’s glory. Why can’t you just begin to challenge yourself from today, begin to see great things ahead of you.

Remember, the poorest man in the world isn’t the man without money but the man without vision/ideas. You all have what it takes to become whatever you want to be only if you can see yourself there.
The more you are eager to see, the more God makes it clearer to you. Heaven helps those who at least try to help themself. God is available to change your life and give you something great no one has got. For you all know that the thought of God is good and not of evil, thereby you all have what it takes to become a better person. The fact is that God has made you great, it now depends on the way you see yourself. If you allow bad peers to have an effect on you, then you will not be able to see beyond your height. Begin to see clearly, begin to see life instead of death, begin to see the word “IT IS POSSIBLE” rather than am sorry, I can’t do it, it’s bigger than me.

The best way to settle your future is now. Despise not the days of small beginnings but do not let your mind be small. Seeing is possessing, until you see it you cannot possess it. Don’t allow your sight to limit you because your life is as a result of your focus.

A Modified 2016/07/21 Article

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