We used to have a land
Where shakes and hugs
Were always reciprocated
Kisses and pecks;
All for the groove.

A world where sneezes and coughs
Never goes below the belt
Bringing blessings and compassion from all
Not f-words and sporadic gunshots.

Self-distancing; the new trend!
Clothed waves from Kilimanjaro’s top
Humble beings bowing to handshake requests
Soapy ablutions by Non-Muslims.

And now,
Our world is at war
With an enemy unseen
And the sexiest of all beings
Seeks defense in masquerade costumes
Nose guards for humans, as shields.

A virus is roaming the earth,
Plaguing our land
Contagious and killing without preference
By the simple touch of our hands.

Pupils left the school,
Footballers glued home,
Gyms empty,
Bars scanty.

It seems the earth is taking a break.

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Written by Michael Adesiji


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