Now, it
seems its dawn already; it seems no one is after what you feel. For it’s possible
to feel dejected, that’s okay but the only pain is to make yourself weak during
those times. You need to stand up right and think ahead, for in every adversity
has the seed of a greater benefit.
Those moments when you felt like crying but couldn’t find those tears.
Those moments when you needed to lean on someone but couldn’t find anyone.
Those moment when you needed to quickly get into the future, but appears slow.
Those moments when even friends outreach, you couldn’t get.
For trial
times doesn’t last forever, trust me. For defeat may be a stepping stone or a
stumbling block according to the way you accept it. Never quit, just continue
being you. After all, we were all born alone; you shouldn’t think someone else
would lay down his/her life for you. For you have got your own life to live and
let others have there’s.
Reach out to
someone for a chat and forget your worries. For without passing these stages,
you might never know how to handle life wholly. Learn new things, gather more
wisdom, think positive, and never give way to intimidation. Not everyone was
born to become what you feel. Do something specific every day that will take
you another step closer to your goals .Keep your calm, watch your back and
reflect over your situations. Become your own passenger.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi

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