Listen to my heart
O! Ye great soul
Listen to the truth from within
That which speaks reality.

Stop chasing shadows
That which is locked in a closet
Screaming in pain and fear
A manifestation of foolishness.

Bundled in someone else’s love
Fixed upon a seesaw of probability
A shenanigan of varying tranquility
A usurp of disturbing emotions.

Now in-between two love birds
Lost in the thoughts of one
A straight needle in the ocean
My heart weeps and writes.

A worrisome lullaby
Sang by a loving heart’s wannabe
Caused by falling in love
To a maiden of astute beauty.

Smack me out of this mystery
I plead with my hands on my face
With my head on the powdered floor
And my nose suffocates from its mucus.

Please! Don’t let me go
Nowhere but your arms, I want to go
An abode of love and happiness
A version of heaven on earth.

I know your heart belongs to another
Yet, I still don’t care if I’m the other
Tis’ an honor to be at your presence
A moment in a lifetime.

Feelings; hurting so much
Making my heart shed tears
My body yearns for freedom
And my soul; liberation from hurt.

My unrequited love
Just found its dumping ground.
Right there, the moment it all started,
In the dead of the night.

Your heart is unobtainable,
Even when tried at height attainable.
I thought I’ve found Love,
Yes, I did but it’s just not mine.

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Written by Tokede Daniel


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