Close your eyes and tell me what you see? You see nothing
physically but you are still seeing something. Your mind is focusing on
something even darkness can’t get rid of. Now, that is what am talking about;
that vision which resides in you that no one can understand but just you.
Listen, if your heart desire anything in this world, Yes, you
can have it. Imagine ten to fifteen years ago, was there anything called
smartphones or phones at all? But a person thought within its mind that it’s about
time to let the world see my works, its high time I left my comfort zone and
achieve something no one has ever done.
Live with this imagination in reality everyday of your life.
As long as you desire to attain a particular height, you would get there so far
you can have patience and put things to work. Keep working hard during those
moments of waiting. I do not believe it’s hard to get something you really feel
like having, a saying goes “If you need success as much as you need air; you will
get it” Now, I rest my case.
Be restless till you finally rest in that thing you dream of
having, never be another person, for you are the true reflection of yourself. Dare
life, dream big, think of something not happening, make it happen. Have
patience; kill yourself with patience in hard work for it all depends on you.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi

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