I’m a woman,
Born for a purpose
And a task to fulfill.
I may be fragile but I’m agile;
Always active and never tired.
I’m a woman,
I have a dream to ream;
Yes a home, I have to build,
With chores alongside,
Yet my visions still breathes,
Because I choose to stay alive.

I’m a woman,
One with virtue.
My soft nature was designed
To build and not destroy;
I squeeze out the best
From the worst,
Liberating love to all around.
I’m a woman,
I’m unique;
Not to be compared
To a man.
He may be better
But not without the “WO”,
Just as I am with it.
I am perfect being me.
Allow me to soar,
I have a distance to cover.
Let me breathe,
I have a life to live.
Take not my dreams away,
I have a mission to fulfill.
For I am a Woman
And not a Woe-man.
by Allen Temitope

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