And who do you say you are? What do you think each of your life amounts to? What excuse got you
for not achieving your primary purpose in life?  For you have got no reason under the sun not
to show forth your uniqueness, you have got no say that you just arrived into
this world for nothing. If the handicap can work even if they are not posture
fit, what reason do anyone has again for not achieving great things.
There is no
new thing under the surface of the earth, but there would be a new thing if and
only if you decide to achieve and pursue your dreams and fulfill the calling
you were born to answer. For I ask again, what do each and every of your life
amount to? For as long as you are born into this world, you have no excuse in
not being that great and unique person to the One who sent you.
If you believe because of your current
situation you would not be able to goal for your dreams, if you believe your
circumstance is too much for you not to succeed in this life, let me tell you,
there is a million and one person who has gone through tougher situations and
still came out fulfilling. I tell you, if you do not know the reason why you
are still on earth; you have got to discover yourself and take on a new path
because success must be continually practiced or it will take wings and fly

There is no
much to say, no much that the eyes can’t see. It’s all in your hands, you can
decide to do anything with your life, and you have got no excuse for failure.
God will always be the reason for the season, no other reason. Even if you are
sober and feeling uneasy about life, you should always have this affirmation
that I have got something the world must see, have got something that would
bring smiles to the face of people.

Happy New Year World. 

written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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