The time we live in is of a great asset,
The season we dwell in is a great planet,
Do not ever think your life is not accurate,
Never lose faith in the immortal advocate,

You will be what you see to be free,
Making daily positive confession is not a sin,
The line between happiness and sadness is so thin,
Do not doubt your existence; living in this world is a risk.

There is darkness and brightness, in it is hardness,
Stop thinking and feel the presence of His divine highness,
Do not be aimless remember, you serve the ageless,
He is, He was and He is to come; great is His faithfulness.

You are graced with black skin and some sets of white teeth,
A white eyeball with a black dot piece,
Black skin with a red bloodstream,
Don’t react to their beat, you are no one’s prototype, can’t they see?

The little light you have, let it shine,
If you are a carpenter, make your furniture smart,
If you are into public speaking, share the word that will make people alright,
If you are a writer, let the alphabets you pen down renew people’s minds.

I am made of black, I don’t mind if I don’t,
Silver or gold, I have none
But I am embedded with light came from heaven’s smile,
I will break the deadlock of your hard knock life,
This little light of mine, I am going to let shine.

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Written by Kunmi Akin


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