Wait! It’s a brand new day, a day for another great adventure
of life. I know what you are going through; give everything time, time heals
all things. Visit a place now; your kitchen precisely and try to get yourself a
cup of coffee or tea. Relax your mind.
Remember, when you fall down, you can rise again. Just know
that no matter your situation, it isn’t going to continue every day. Someday,
all will be over, just be at ease with yourself. For the opposite of success
isn’t failure. Know this; failure is a part of life, without failing in
something you can’t achieve success in that thing.
What I want from you is to listen to yourself, tell yourself
everything is going to be alright, for its in times like this you should make
your heart a glass; guiding it with all your life. Don’t worry; you are going
to make the difference you always dreamed of.
If you fall down, you can rise and rise again. An American
adage says “If you really want to grow trees, pray for rain but don’t forget to water
your seeds; Chase your Dreams”.
Keep dreaming Big, Keep thinking Big and don’t stop Acting
Big because without risking anything, you risk even more.
 written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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