Just let me be that person I always wanted to be who would
think without taking chances of the outcome results.
Just let me stay with you without any reason of backing off.
Just let me grow and soar as high as I want without thinking
twice. Though you may seem it’s quite difficult 
for me to birth these feelings
I am contending within me.

Just let me act according to what I wish with no thought in
Just let me become weirder than I can imagine even if that’s
not what I think of myself at the moment.
Just let me love whoever I want and hate whosoever deserves
Just let me be myself with no-worries bothering about
Just let me be that person you often wish of having though it
may be tough but you can just give me this chance.
Just let me keep quiet for as long as I want and let me speak
whenever I want to.
Just let me be with that one right person I always wanted and
you will see how gentle and calm I will become.
Just let me control my thoughts, control what I do, control
what I deserve from anyone and I will be good to anyone.
Just let me influence my world, impact my friends, love my
life and chase my dream, that’s all I ever wanted.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi

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