Like Pascal stated that ‘the more
the height, the greater the pressure’ The higher I rose through the stairs of
achievement; the more clowns in my surrounding crowd and the more I seem to
imprison thoughts of people who do matter.
Over the past months, i have grown
to stand tall to visualize, realize and create plans to tackle the traumatic
gallows I head-dived into. As I tread the paths, my failed emotions adored in
an intuitive manner, I met my flaws standing tall in their properly starched
uniforms, saluting my weaknesses and jailing my strengths.

All I needed to be was the man of
actualized dreams and not the medical poetess, Christ mother’s namesake but a
soul-mate I long buried in the gallows of imprisoned reprobate thought.
 No lesson is ever too late to be learnt, the
basic hurdle is the zeal. The zeal kept me in the game crossing out the odds
and stamping the evens, the zeal kept my temper when my feet self-stomped. The
zeal led me to the key that imprisoned the thoughts that formed my life’s
stronghold and resurrected my smiles.
Stay positive, stay calm and stay
Life never fails in its teaching
role, but humans always fail in their learning roles
written by Williams Sharon

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