Have always wished to be like
How he always cruise the town with
his pick up
The engine of covetousness keeps
me flowing with his rhymes
Because all my life, have always
been influenced by rhythms.
Yes, I want to be like him has
always been my yearly resolution
Forgetting the fact that I was
born to be different.
Regardless of that, we are all
meant to grow “not by age alone” but also by experience which will
also bring about change, for “if you don’t grow, you don’t live”
Have been Jealous of his way of
life, forgetting that this is meant for people without a tangible reason of
existence, yet I was born to be Different.
I had to stop doing all of these
the day I was caught between the lines of my heart and soul, getting to know
the connection of what brings about my differences from others.
I dare you to be Different, be Great.
written by Adebowale Adedamola

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