Shafts now bear the staff and odds
the rod

Enough of grains in our beans and
spikes in rice
All and Sundry in summary, tell
the story
An eye now exchanges for pie and
lie for dye
Homes now suffer supper for
As many salaries settle bills for
exploding factories
The best legacy, now in stasis,
crisis and lyses
As the early students are prone to
this scam
And the tertiary, are trained to
“scream and cram”
Where are the days of free
learning not draining?
When education was the seat of
transformation and redemption.
Cries of yester citizens, are now
despised this season
All the best, one day shall be for
Though lives of torment; display
in some garments
As the foetus, has no hope as a
leader of the future.
Lives are claimed at the battle
As some fight in search for right
and height
Yet digging oil wells; has been
their joy.
The ants now raise ugly heads to
scare the giant
Saddled and paddled by leaders
bearing suckers
Who drain the masses to amass
wealth and ill health.
The rich jog distances to lose
As the poor walk miles to fill
Yet smile brings us together, in
the bargain for living.
Why should I stand, resting my
palms on chest?
In allegiance to a nation of no
alliance or reliance
For my future or for those my
future will nurture.
Let compatriots seat for a while
not arising
Until Nigerians “cries and
calls” are obeyed
And youths open their sight and do
the right.
written by Abolaji Abraham

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