You can’t measure the success of a person by how many
gadgets, automobiles, factories he owns. A successful man isn’t successful if
he has not added anything to someone
else life. A successful man is a man who prays for the upliftment of his
co-workers and not a man who has everything to himself.
Success is not something you can just open your mouth and say
without working towards. For someone to be a success in life, it’s about
determination, diligence and discipline. Success comes from the mind and not
from the mouth.
As humans, we should be challenged, we should not just sit
down and fold our arms; we should not just be praying and sleeping at home for
divine help to come. For someone to achieve what he/she wants, it starts with
God first and then the other things follow.
God gave us everything in two(s) which are legs, ears, eyes,
hands, kidneys which are the most delicate. Definitely, he is telling us to work because it is written in
the scriptures that a man who does not work is not worthy to eat and also
stated by Author Napoleon Hill that “Anything worth having is worth working for”.
For fear can delay our success; but it takes the power of God to overcome it.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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