The pleasure my heart experience
whenever you speak,
The trees of hope you planted,
The ancient rocks weathering,
The silent emptiness and the quite
Every time your bell rings, my
heart smile, because you were the best friend it ever had.
The assurance in your voice and
the confidence you gave us,
You were the only dog that never
stopped barking.

Without you freedom does not have
a purpose,
Without you the urge to know
anything about the rule of law engraved in the hearts of men and women are
Since we did not listen to your
voice “conscience”, you turned against humanity and society.
You were the silent inner voice
that always warn us about someone coming,
We gradually became a slave to our
will and a master to you “conscience”.
Conscience where art thou?
Do you remember those guys who you
spoke to about decency?
They left you behind and now the
world is upside down.
They forgot your teachings and
turned alcohol into a daily drink,
They effectively smoke marijuana
and say “getting high helps the brain”.
Your sons have turned out to be
adults who deceive ladies telling them virginity is now an old thing.
They have succeeded in moulding
out the dirt of fornication in girls, and our mothers are gradually turning up
the act of cheating their husbands.
They no longer find guilt in what
they do,
The bitterness of the pains they
cause isn’t seizing.
Our teenagers are turning into
drug addict,
Mothers into harlot,
Fathers are now seen as another
lady’s husband.
Conscience, believe me when I say
the world is empty without you.
written by Olaleye Oluwadamilola

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