They said you came looking for me
I was not dead, I am death
You came, what were you told? That I’m dead?
Like an ewe drenched by a sudden rainstorm
You munched home furiously and nervously
Shrouded by deathly shadows,
I gaze at you with tears rolling down my cheeks.
From a place that is ‘yond earth

I can see you devastated by gloom of what is inevitable.
That owl at the bough of that iroko
Hooted mournfully on my transition,
But no one could read meaning to such peculiarity.
Weep not, my child.
Weep not my hope,
If it were in my power to make a choice
I would sooner come back to you.

Weep not, weep not,
The resounding sounds of death
Give hope to the living
Weep not, for it is everybody’s path
Weep not, for this life is like a mist
That disguises its ephemerality;
When it suffuses with its beauty,
We boast of what we’re not —
Do you know who I am? You can’t do anything!

With my lament of hope, be strengthened and be resilient
In dealing with the difficulties of life.
The ups and downs of life
Are as difficult as cultivating on a steep mountain,
If not for nature, where I am is perfect,
I would have preferred us here.

Weep not, my child,
Weep not, my child
Weep not, my only hope.

Written by Azieze Augustine


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