For we were all born that unique day, that day that seemed everything’s
right. And we grew to the stage where we could differentiate between things,
and not long after that, we are what we are now. For when we were born we hardly
knew we were born into this sinful world, we knew never about how we begot from
dust and unto dust we will return in due time. 
For we never grew to the stage
when we thought there was nothing called death only for us to find out that
peers and friends could actually go separate ways never to be seen again In
this world. Now we know the level of people’s value, we know that life
should be lived with happy memories and not with regrets. 
For how long could we
decide not to be taken away by this unnoticed creature? , But only for us to
dine and be involved wholeheartedly with our life. For the same person we saw
the previous day isn’t going to be seen again. For we all should come to
reality of life and be ready to challenge whatever comes our way.

For this thing that takes people away isn’t so small that we
could just neglect, we should come back from space to earth and do the works
expected of us till the dusk of dust dawns.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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