For without the Lord, where could we be? For we operate by
grace and not by our own power. He is ever willing to establish His covenant
with us. What more can we say? What more can we do? For without these feelings
growing inside of us, we wouldn’t know how close we are to destiny.
For the Lord has given us signs that He is willing and able
to help us; but what stops us is the ability to give a try. For what robs the
destiny of man most is the willingness to start something? We should not
succumb to things like that, for it’s not by our power though, it’s just the
grace of God.
For whenever we know that we can achieve what God has
bestowed upon us, we should thereby put ourselves daily in the shoes of those
successful ones that, what if they didn’t act, will they have been known today.
For no one is greater than mistake. Why not give it your best
shot, for we shouldn’t stop, we shouldn’t quit until we are known for what we
do and begin to have that feeling of accomplishment and impact. For our God is
ever willing to make that happen. Only Believe.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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