Cover Image - The good deed
Cover Image - The good deed
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The Good Deed (The Story of Eshe and Abubu)

The theme of the story is kindness. The book tells a story of a smart little African girl called Eshe and her family who are farmers and how an act of kindness by Eshe was rewarded in an unanticipated way.

The story teaches compassion and kindness. It tells a story of a young girl called Eshe who lives with her family in Africa, who are farmers. Eshe is a kind and hardworking girl, who always cares about others and always wants to help everyone in her community.

She was taught by her father to always care for everyone and everything around her. She rescues a little bird she names Abubu and developed a close bond with the creature, not realizing there is more to the bird than she knows.

Eshe’s kindness towards others was able to save her family and community when they are experiencing hardship from an unexpected stranger.