The Child's Mirror - Joshua - Commune Writers (1)
The Child's Mirror - Joshua - Commune Writers (1)
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The Child’s Mirror

This book is aimed at helping you be a better trainer. Though it is not a one-stop book on parenting, it has been designed to help you with the basics of godly parenting.


Every Parent wants to raise a proper Child but are never prepared to achieve its purpose. Parenting is tasking but the result is rewarding only for those who would go the extra mile.

The most rewarding and ultimate job here on earth is parenting. The Family unit – consisting of a father, a mother, and one or more children – is the office where this job is carried out. Therefore, the ultimate goal of parenting is to raise a child who is self-dependent and strong enough to resist bad influence.

Is that achievable? Sure, it is. Achieve this by seeing parenting through The Child’s Mirror.


June 2020




Joshua Joel Ohifeme


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