Spiked up by nature’s freshness
Beautiful beyond everyone’s imaginations
Cute and awesome; my Mother.

Tears roll down her eyes at my birth
She ties up her wrapper to her girth
Singing lullaby’s while dancing to its tunes.

Her heart skips when I cry
Her mood swings when I fall sick
Yet, she quivers at my smiles.

Poking me to bring out my cuteness
Kissing me to make my heart merry
My Mother conquers all obstacles.

Iya mi, ololufe mi akoko (My Mother, the lover of my life)
Always will be in my heart
Forever my epitome of greatness.

Smile so bright; it blinds all
Beauty that installs happiness
My mother’s face, glitters with chastity.

Adorable is her attitude
She always show it, even in gratitude
A woman of utmost intelligence.

Sold her gold to make me hold
Onto life and be bold
Leaving her unconditional prints in my heart.

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Iya Alayode, obinrin akinkanju
Standing tall with glory shining in her eyes.
She speaks glamour with valour.

My mother, my dearest
Different from the rest
And forever will be the best.

A Modified 2016/09/23 Article

Written by Tokede Daniel


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