One, two, three….Six. Bang! All changes in a flash. Yet you still hold on tight to something that even if you fail to leave will leave you. My dear friend, what’s the sole purpose of the money you’ve gathered for decades that you might not get praised for? Grave eats you all up, Gbam (the end). We have lots of peer group we started with but with time, we tend to lose them. The least you owe the world is a minute silence and if you’re lucky enough, your deed will speak for you.

That brings me to the essence of good deeds than gathered wealth. I’m not against your policy, rather your inhumanity. Why will you have assets worth billions and your nation is on the poverty list? You claim it’s for your children’s future right? But ask yourself, what about those kids on the street? Is their future not worth saving? Mr. Philanthropist, are you giving out your money to eradicate poverty or for appraisal?

You turn the people into lab rats whom must always be by your feet. Don’t even pretend you’re there for them but rather your selfish, non challant interest. Money is your power right? There’s nothing money can’t do, right?  Money is everything to you right?  People’s life got no meaning to you, at the slightest ache you’re in the States whereas you have the power to rehabilitate the health sector in your state. The Lord is watching you in 3D.

To my leaders of tomorrow, that is; the youth of today; it saddens me because you run helter skelter panting for money. You do all sort of things, unimaginable things to gather riches. Do you ever care to consider the person whose future you ruined or the generations to come from that person? Of course not, for you and your selfish interest, you teleport innocent souls to heaven.

Your excuse is poverty and you use all means to eradicate it. You’ve forgotten that the greatest poverty lies in where you stand. What you never worked for can never last. If you gather thousands of asset with shortcut means, it would be cut short in a twinkle of an eye, mark my words. Money can’t buy you God’s grace rather it throws you in the depth of hell. One day, you’ll be shoved in the dark.


This life is too short. Touch lives today. You see the hungry and the lonely, the naked and the homeless. What have you done for the least of these? We, just like grass, would someday fade away. Only the good that we have done would stand the test of time. It’s high time we put all complacencies aside and be ready to make sacrifices for the good of others. Live well my friend, it pays.

About Ayantunji Nurudeen

He is a student of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria. A writer and Poet. He’s an individual who highlights the darkness in the globe and adds lightning effect to it so as to illuminate the world.
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May 10, 2017


May 10, 2017