Life with its Ups and Downs.

Life can give you a smile today and bring you tears tomorrow

Life is a race with its smooth road and rough paths with its own hustle, bustle, and helter-skelter

Life is a journey that’s prone to injury with its bumps and detours.

Life can be a desert without an oasis

Life is indeed not a bed of roses

‘Cos sometimes your roses may contain thorns.

How do you cope with sleeping on a bed of thorns? How?

What if Life gave you Darkness instead of Light?

If you had Dark Days and Stormy Nights

If you had F’s instead of A’s and failure was smiling at you

If you had Bareness for Fruitfulness

And disappointment surrounded you

When you had unrequited initiatives, unanswered prayers, unrealized aspirations, deferred hopes, and incomplete understanding.

Days you got Lime for Lemon and Bitter juice from Sugarcane

What if you ate weeds in exchange for vegetables?

And you fell at the point of winning a race

When friends, families, and relatives betrayed you. And loneliness, frustration, and depression sets in.

Life is indeed a two-sided coin. If you were always on the bad side of life. Will you still acknowledge your creator in your lime life?

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Written by Soole Olufemi


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