Writing is like an addiction, we see ourselves running back to it. No matter how poorly or efficient we write, we still have this feeling inside of us that we need to improve. We match ourselves with great Authors and learned from them that it’s in their hard work and needless time of sleep do they achieve what they are today. Truly, nobody started at the top, no professional in any field found themselves there overnight; they all worked to that stage.

And unless we humans desire to reach our potential and work on our dreams, then we shouldn’t abuse the great influencers up there of how wrong they behave. No-one who desires to change the world and bring about its uniqueness just sits back and wait for it to
happen, they work for it because “Anything worth having is worth working for”.

We all have to put our pen and paper into writing. Writing isn’t just normal but all writers are extremely extraordinary. Being a writer is something we grew to become, we never knew we had such talent, but not until we knew that we are what we repeatedly do, then we knew we were in for it.

For we are no amateurish writers, we are no breastfeeding writers, we know what we write and our life revolves around it. We use what we see and hear to create what needs to
be known. We do not care about what people think of us, but what God thinks about us is the genuine one.

We will continue to say this anywhere “we won’t write to put people to sin” we will write so people will know indeed that we are unique and we were born that way; Writers whose concentration is to better the lives of people and make them feel whole again.

A Modified 2016/07/11 Article

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May 15, 2019


May 15, 2019