If everyone has the chance
To turn the wheel of blessings to
Their every move and every glance
The bull’s eye of fortune they
would shoot.
If people were to choose
The life they were to live,
Nobody would want a loose
And all their effort they would
Alas! Destiny has it all
Sometimes good, sometimes cruel
Sometimes a rise, sometimes a fall
But you can’t fight it;
No, not even a duel.
To some, it favors
To others; their labors
The good and the bad
Are things it has always had?
The rich man blesses it
As there is plenty and enough
To cater for all his wants
While the poor curses it
As life treats him so rough
And all his efforts; it taunts
Hope lies for those
Who destiny tries to impose
The bad side of life
But, only if they are willing to
And call upon the Supreme Being
The one who is, and has been
He alone can spin the wheel
For both the rich and poor
He alone can heal and seal
The wounds and doors.
written by Rowland Emmanuel

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    Great you, I Pray.

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