Life is a game of chess,
The pawns are we humans.
The king and the queen both fate and death.
Your moves determine which will checkmate you in the game of survival.

Sometimes, you might not play the dirty game
And still, be checkmated by any of the king or queen.
We fight, we struggle to live.
We lose or either win in this struggle and fight of the game.

All of this we do, still we get checkmated by fate or death.
Does it really matter if we move our pawns?
Or, can other pawns also checkmate you?

No matter the struggle, love, cry, fight, happiness or joy,
The two big guys of the game always come to play smartly.

No matter how much the struggle of the pawn is,
There will always be another game to checkmate the move of your pawn.

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Written by Adegun Wuraola


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