At a time of your life, everything was perfect. You could do everything with ease. Comfort was smiling at you and the world was without blemish. The people you love were alive and they reciprocated in multiple folds. All your plans were executed and smiles weren’t far from your mouth. You wake up every morning and the only prayer you make is
“Lord thank you for yesterday”
Indeed God was by your side. Grace and favor shined on you and Midas touch was indeed your baptism name.

All of a sudden, everything rumbled, life was changing not for better but worse. Stagnation set in, rejection blew across your face and failure embraced you.
Everyone blamed you for the wrongs you did when you can’t even understand how it happened. Prayers were far away from your mouth because you felt “God had forsaken you”. No one cared to know what was really wrong, they only reminded you that “you are the cause of your own failure.”

They are right; it’s your fault that you allowed your bad days affect the innocent future. The blame is yours that you allowed your mistake determine what’s to come. No one consoles you for your failure but they will celebrate your success.

Rise up and look ahead. Remember those times when fortune smiled at you, it’s not late to make those things work again. Remember your creator and drop the bags of discouragement, embrace the seed of faith and rise again. Break the holds and move ahead, I will be there to celebrate a hero you will become.

Written by Olaleye oluwadamilola



May 16, 2017


May 16, 2017