One day everyone will die,
But what will be said of you when you die?
What you’re doing today is a story,
After you’re gone it becomes history.
What is the content of your story?
Would it be sweet or bitter?
I’m talking about your memory
Whatever it is now, it can be made better.

You live like there’s no tomorrow,
Causing problems, pains and sorrow.
Flashback and be reminded of your mentors,
What was said of them will be said of you.
Today; gains on earth in a bad way.
Tomorrow; pains in hell in a horrible way.
Neglecting the voice of God today,
Your cry too will be neglected on that day.
You’re the master oppressor,
You can’t be like hell’s oppressor.
Little creatures that makes no sense to you,
These same would make no rest for you.
It doesn’t matter how bad you’ve been,
You can always turn around.
What matters is your good at death,
‘Cause that determines where you will end.
Have a great impact on hearts
And a good footprint on earth.
Leave a good legacy for your wards,
‘Cause they will be treated as your deeds.
At your death, be bold to say:
I have fought the good fight,
I have finished the race,
I have kept the faith.

by Odetokun Elijah


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