Enthroned in Heavenly places,
A Being so powerful which at nothing is driven
United without breach and space is,
The Trinity; the source from which all is raised
All but one
In Unison, creating a creature,
Most superior and powerful on Earth
Perfectly perfect without rupture
Others following, crooked or bent
Beasts of the air and of ground
And basking in glory not for a pound
Having had this done
The will to choose; to him is given,
Good or bad; choices for him to give in
Daily as he lives on earth within,
Anxieties of success or failure are with him.
Now, one who lives in the celestials
Fairest amongst the angels,
Whose face shone like the sun
Whose pride wanting to outrun,
The divinity of the heavenly bells
Others like him; so racial.
Rebellious is the Morning star
And others with him; casted out afar
By the king on the throne
Far and far, down to the earth, is he thrown
A star so bright, becoming dim,
Tough and rough, he becomes grim.
Partying and dancing with his demons,
Dethroned from heavenly hosts, now to Mammon’s
Alas! Woe to His creature; Man
Hunting his every step to entangle,
Dispatching his every agent
Obscuring his every move.
Reveling to Man
For reverence to the king,
Providing hope for him to cling,
And the horn of salvation among his clan.
Judged by his actions on earth,
And his dealings with his fellow men,
Calculating right from his birth,
Till the very day he leaves, without a pen.
Struggling for the immortal,
Striving for the soul,
Is he, so brutal?
And He as gentle as a dove.
To those who do His biddings,
To him, He assures good tidings.
To those, who do not His commanding?
To them, He brings grieve Endings.
by Rowland Emmanuel

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