Cover Design -Never let your i-dots
Cover Design -Never let your i-dots
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Never let your i-dots turn you to an idiot

In this book, you will discover mind-blowing facts of i-dots never revealed. Rave up your mental muscles with insights from an expert handwriting analyst, and awaken your sleeping genius. Develop a super brain power with your i-dots by reading this book.

The power and Influence of i-dots on your intelligence quotient (IQ), academics, life skills and personality cast cannot be underestimated when viewed through the hawk-like trained eyes of an expert handwriting analyst.

This book “house” a century-old secret hidden from the view of your teachers and knowledge necessary to build a new community of “write-right thinking beings”.


  • You will learn how to overcome mental road blocks with i-dots.
  • Improve the power and enviable faculty that makes the “Homo Sapien” king.
  • Use the informed knowledge of shape, position and pressure of i-dots to develop a super brain power.
  • Consciously and repetitively employ beneficial strokes of i- dots to build positive traits.
  • Understand the paralysing effect of no i-dots and predominant absence of i-dots in your Writing.
  • Avoid traps of inhibiting stroke patterns of i-dots
  • Uncover principles of how brilliant scholars use i-dots to improve memory before and after sleep, boost recall and avoid forgetfulness.
  • Discover how the position of i-dots in your signature affects your outlook and the impression it creates in the eyes of those whose minds are well stocked and judgement matured.


April 2021




Dr. Presley Bethuel


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Editorial Review

"Never let your i-dots turn you to an idiot" is an invaluably informative book written by an indisputable genius. This book is a clear testimony of Dr. Presley's ability and capacity to demonstrate his mastery and understanding of the non-verbal gestures of handwriting. The book is educating, mind-blowing, and unassuming with its skilful presentation of rare facts and principles for problem-solving. Students, teachers, school administrators, lovers of knowledge and practitioners in the field of Graphoanalysis all over the world will definitely benefit from its rich content.

Prof. Ben Ezeohagwu
First Black African Professor of Graphoanalysis &
President of African American University USA.