Cover Design -Never let your i-dots
Cover Design -Never let your i-dots
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Never let your i-dots turn you to an idiot

In this book, you will discover mind-blowing facts of i-dots never revealed. Rave up your mental muscles with insights from an expert handwriting analyst, and awaken your sleeping genius. Develop a super brain power with your i-dots by reading this book.

The power and Influence of i-dots on your intelligence quotient (IQ), academics, life skills and personality cast cannot be underestimated when viewed through the hawk-like trained eyes of an expert handwriting analyst.

This book “house” a century-old secret hidden from the view of your teachers and knowledge necessary to build a new community of “write-right thinking beings”.


  • You will learn how to overcome mental road blocks with i-dots.
  • Improve the power and enviable faculty that makes the “Homo Sapien” king.
  • Use the informed knowledge of shape, position and pressure of i-dots to develop a super brain power.
  • Consciously and repetitively employ beneficial strokes of i- dots to build positive traits.
  • Understand the paralysing effect of no i-dots and predominant absence of i-dots in your Writing.
  • Avoid traps of inhibiting stroke patterns of i-dots
  • Uncover principles of how brilliant scholars use i-dots to improve memory before and after sleep, boost recall and avoid forgetfulness.
  • Discover how the position of i-dots in your signature affects your outlook and the impression it creates in the eyes of those whose minds are well stocked and judgement matured.