Marrying Your Friend

This book centers on helping and teaching the singles a better and godly approach to building purposeful and lifelong relationships. It also aims to help married and courting couples strengthen and foster love and friendship in their relationships through the project 30 (prayer) session of the book. It seeks to renew mindsets by giving explicit knowledge and explaining practical ways to building a relationship.

Marrying Your Friend is a book that Arila has used simple and everyday analogies to express a fundamental yearning for today’s singles. She has intricately inculcated the word of God into each chapter to justify her research and writings. Age-old tried and trusted principles have been laid out in a very easy and relatable way. Her quirky way of writing and personal stories make it easy to read and makes Marrying Your Friend ‘unputdownable.”
Arila has raised the bar on this one!
Mrs Toyin Abiodun

“Marry your friend” is a must-read for young believers.  In brief and concise chapters, Arila explains the essence of a friendship-based marriage. With perfectly explained analogies and biblical allusions, this book breaks down what it takes to have a marriage that lasts. Embellished with wisdom nuggets adequately backed by God’s word, this book explains age-long mysteries with relatable experiences.
In a generation like this, it is important to have a book that grounds young people. Find out what it means to marry your friend in this impeccable piece of writing.
Mrs Abimbola Olawoye