I own a fertile soil
Which never saw a gardener.
Not because they never came,
But because i stood my ground.
My nectar is ripe,
Attractive and begging for the
white pollen,
Carried by the long proboscis-
That drill and vomit sap.

My road is unploughed,
Never experience tilling,
Never encounter the planter
That plants life seed.
The palm trees are ready for
Filled with undiluted disaccharide,
Capped with pointed teats,
Seducing the wine tapper.
The ribbon is intact,
The seal of trust;
An envelope of fluid,
The confirmation of my claim.
My uncultivated fertile land,
Kept special for my crown;
The authorized farmer
Who will make me produce fruit.
My chastity my pride,
A personal decision;
Pledging my allegiance to ATM;
Abstinence Till Marriage.
*Say no to Premarital Sex*
*Embrace Chastity*
*It’s a dignity*
written by Akinola Samson

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