I have observed something’s and circumstances under the sun that man ought not be proud nor look down on the other. I have seen the rich friend who seemed promising from the onset but was dawned later by life. I have also seen poor and broke folks who had nothing from the beginning but could actually showoff tangible things achieved later on in life.

Life is but a yardstick caught up in fire; sooner or later, it will all burn out. I have also observed through all my years of tithing that one who does never lack and not a penny will the person not be able to account for. Life is but a stone thrown to the air with the eyes closed, you might not know where the stone is landing and who it might hit. For such is life. The fact that no one truly understands life itself is but a true saying to me.

At first; it seems like everything is right, but then it seems all is falling behind. Living life as though it’s all for the pleasure is such a fateful way of thinking, imagine those strange things which happened to folks overnight.

That’s the reason why one should keep the head low, observe a lot, think twice, smile little, save much, work hard and in everything find purpose in whatever is being done because without that; life will be meaningless. These sayings can only be understood by those of like minds.


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