The bandwagon that never seizes to be a support,
A large heart that accommodates one’s flaws,
The tide that sways back and forth like that of an ocean,
Assurance of a lifetime.

The wave sweeping through one’s life as though an ocean,
The life of the party of an existence,
The one who never gives up on life,
The sound beat of one’s happiness.

Fire smoking through the pipe of my existence,
Banter in the trip of life,
Igi Leyin Ogba aye mi (The pillar of my life),
The trigger of anger, yet the extinguisher of it,

The fury fire in the ocean of life,
The water in the desert of life,
The soldiers marking my territory,
The strong tower that can never be shaken.

Unity is the watchword,
Loyalty is the mission,
Faithful is the vision,
Sacrificing is the flower adorning the neck.

Defending my honor in times of adversity,
They’re my home,
My unfailing care,
My strength.

Shelter of love,
Shield from attack,
The close entity pulling all the nerves in me together,
The packed cells closely knit together.

Clones I have in the game of life,
The closeness, the estrangement,
The love, trust, loyalty, faithfulness,
All this I find in FAMILY!

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Written by Adegun Wuraola


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