Full of different signs and wonders
Just like a soap opera or a TV drama
Different beat, different song yet the same liner
And at times, it gives you a blow like that of a hammer.

At the start, it feels all is just right
Your heart giving you the feeling that you are good and alright
Things happen and it looks like a confirmation of the love in your heart
Alas! there is a tragedy waiting to burst out one day at night.

I Love You is what you heard yesterday
You’re my life and heartbeat are the word in your head today
You’re happy that this love has surely come to stay
But little do you know that as an oil to a white cloth, that which you feel is about to become stale!

Pow! it exploded in your face just like a banger
All now seem scattered like a broken hanger
You now start asking questions that no one can answer
You ask ‘is this life or life-after’?
Oh! that’s Life and it wonders
So, pick yourself up and start another chapter!…

Written by Emmanuel Olù


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3 thoughts on “BLOW

  1. Potentvik says:

    Beautiful…. Keep it up.

  2. Olufemi Soole says:

    This Awesome

  3. Olufemi Soole says:

    This Awesome

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