Front Cover - Wisdow that Cures
Front Cover - Wisdow that Cures
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Wisdom that cures Marital Delay, Denials, and Disappointments

This is a book every single, hoping and aspiring for Marital settlement needs in their hands, the reason being that this Masterpiece is carefully written to show you how to spot and recognize Marital Opportunities.

This book will show you how Sensitivity, Action, Strategic positioning, Character, and Being Industrious as a person can trigger a man into making up his mind to walking the aisle with you into the Marriage covenant and settlement.

This book will reveal to you the two types of mentality humans exhibit, in this piece, I called it the Orpahnic Mentality and the Ruthic Mentality. These two mentality explained will help you in your decision-making process Maritally. It will also show you How leaving your comfort zone and disconnecting your mind from limiting belief will Trigger, Create, Consolidate and Confirm your Marital Breakthrough. This book will clearly show you how to make the most use of your Marital Opportunities and even bounce back on your feet even after an unfavourable situation or experience has occurred in your Marital Life.

Lastly, this Simple and Relevant piece shows Single Ladies the Marital Wisdom they can use to spot, identify with precision Marital Opportunities, and Maximize the opportunities they have found in their best interest. It doesn’t matter where you’re located in any part of the world, or the background you are coming from. If you deliberately, and wholeheartedly engage the wisdom, accepting, and taking action on the revealed wisdom available in this piece. It will deliver into your hands your Marital Testimony in no distant time.