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James Oteikwu

James Oteikwu is the Founder and President of Wisdom Network International, an organization that is meant to infiltrate various sectors of life, with the undefiled character of the kingdom. He is an Inspirational Speaker, author, educator, wisdom and character-building Advocate, whose vision is to see that the lost sense of flawless and excellent character in every facet of human endeavour is restored by words of wisdom, effective character building, leadership development and profitable skill development. His desire is to expose you to the required wisdom that will help you come out of marital delay, denials and disappointments this year. Your village witch cannot stop you from getting married, because the devil is not powerful than God who instituted the marital relationship and Marriage for the man he created in his image and Likeness to enjoy. The problem most times is the problem of wisdom, and this is what this book is out to achieve. This book will also show you how to recognize marriage opportunities and how you can take advantage of it to your best interest. This material is one of his new Classics. and more inspiring volumes will be unravelled by the author as soon as more inspiration is received.